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This Dirty Cage....

This Dirty Cage..

I've been groomed in good manners,
like sitting with a perfect posture,
Converse in a pleasant voice,
in undertone and weighing words;
to be respectful to the elders,
though they may be mean and callous,
treating you like a child
who needs to be severely spanked.
The relatives too conspire
always to 'keep me in my place',
under the disguise of advice
that I should act with grace.

I get more and more confused,
by all their lectures,
Why don't they understand
that I want to be a woman
of my own kind
who is not afraid
to speak her mind aloud,
who doesn't want
to be defined by a certain label.

                                                             Outwardly remaining calm,
     I seethe within with anger
     at this thwarting injustice
     like a caged wild tiger,
    and often dream  of breaking bars
    of this 'discipline's dirty cage',
     leave this dungeon of darkness
     and bask in freedom's joyous rays.

© Portia Burton