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The Girl Who Distributed Flowers...

The Girl Who distributed Flowers...

I was reading her words
While she was distributing flowers.
Turning away from Gertrude,
She suddenly looked at me,
Yes, yes, she looked at me
Directly from those printed words...

While I stared at her in disbelief,
She whispered, "please don't worry,
I have some flowers for you too.
Just wait for me in your dreams."...

That night I awaited her in my dreams
Which, as usual, were crowded with trees
Encircling a  large, tranquil lake
From which she emerged like a lotus,
Beckoned me with a lily in her hand,
And as I leaned over to take it,
She grabbed my hand and pulled me down
With her to the bottom of the lake
Where stars had become fragrant flowers.

© Portia Burton