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My Mother- My Angel

My Mother-My Angel

I believe in angels, for me it is my mother,
There's no one like her,there'll never be another.
When I am distressed this angel  holds my hand,
And wiping away my fears  helps me understand,
That  in our mistakes  there are  lessons to be learned,
With each precious new day another page is turned,
Which is full of memories, moments of joy and tears,
Triumphs and defeats, through every passing year.
Her  love is unconditional, she's always by my side,
When no one else would listen, in her I can confide.
With gentle words of wisdom she leads me on my way,
Down the paths of righteousness if ever I would stray.
She is the most priceless of all worldly treasures,
O my Lord , please keep  her for me  here forever.
© Portia Burton


Each One Has Been Given His Own way

Each One Has Been Given His Own Way

It's morning and people are walking by,
They smile at me ,I too smile back ,
And wonder where they all are going,
what's their purpose and mooring?

A flock of herons flies overhead
They are so disciplined in their  flight,
They fly in the "V" pattern so precise
Not a bird out of line or lagging behind.

A boy rides swiftly by on a bicycle,
Just laughing and having a grand time,
And with not a care in the world,
He just hums and nods at the elders.

Then There's  a robin feeding her young ,
They hungrily take what she is giving them,
Away  she flies  and comes back with a twig,
Perhaps to strengthen her tiny nest.

As I walk leisurely  watching the world go by
I often wonder what is going on
In the great cosmos and here on earth,
Do I really know what its all about?

I smile to myself and shrug my shoulders,
Why, even the lilies bloom through the boulders!
Let it be me or a robin or a heron,
Each one has been given a way  to go on.

© Portia Burton
November 6, 2014