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Happy Mothering Sunday

Happy Mothering Sunday!

I hold myself back,
When I want to hug you,
Because in my zest, o momma,
I may perhaps hurt you.

I just sneak up from behind,
Kiss you on the cheek,
And then run off again,
Because you're so weak!

Sometimes I wonder to myself
What all I would do
Just to see you smiling,
Swaying gently and  humming,
With a twinkle in your eye
Which makes you so charming!

Oh, how much I have depended,
On your loving open arms
Which turn my sobs to giggles,
And protect me from harms,
And how my sky turns grey
When from me  you are away!

Do you know that,
I can't do without you
Now or anytime,mom?
And do you know that
Your love is my weakness,
That keep me strong?

But I'm really sorry, ma,
For I just can't express
What I really want to say,
'Cause at every right time,
All the words go wrong
And that moment slips away!

© Portia Burton