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Oh, my dear, you're the one who made me realize
That 'best friends' are for each other in any given moment,
In support for everything and to wipe the weeping eyes,
To stand together firmly even if not in agreement.

When I am in some need, you are always present,
To share my doubts,sighs , and fears and also merriment,
I can freely yell at you and you too can call me 'a mug',
Only to smile immediately at each other and tightly hug.

Oh, this friendship and this unconditional love,
Has the Divine blessed us both from up above?

-Portia Burton



The way she makes me feel is like no other.
The way she can make me smile,
Even when it is one of the gloomy day.
The way she touches me gently,
Releasing all tension  from my body.
The sweetness with which she bids me 'good night',
And the soft kisses she places on my forehead
While  waking me up in the morning.
The way her eyes light up when she's happy,
And her sweet humming of a old filmy song!
The way she looks deep into my eyes
When wordlessly she says, 'I love you,Babes!'
The many ways she makes it known that I'm her girl ,
And would remain her child  forever.
 She is the perfect woman, if not more.
She's all love to her very core.
She's my sunshine when all seem's dark and gray.
She makes me long to be a better person inside and out,
Oh, my mom is GREAT, there's no doubt!

-Portia Burton