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A Touch of Divine

A Touch Of Divine
It's night again,a hush falls around,
Though a little drowsy I clearly hear
From behind the curtained window
A flock of fairies drawing near.
Oh ,why have they come,to sing a song?
Yes, I hear a strain of sweet nectar ,
It skips off from their trembling wings,
Floating gently towards the stars.
I now feel their feathery softness
As they float gently upon the breeze ,
Perhaps it's a cherub whispering to me,
'Come,sing with us,will you please?'
I look around but can't see them,
Yet they are around, I am sure,
Whose else can this music be
Which is so serene and so pure?
I feel some tingling sensations,
Coursing down through my spine,
As I feel my eyes being kissed,
Is it really a touch of divine?
© Portia Burton