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Happy New Year

Dear Friends,
Season's Greetings!
I am celebrating my holidays here in Grasmere, my grandmother's little picturesque  village in the Cumbria region of England. We are having great snow-fall and atmosphere is almost dreamlike!
I wish you all a very Happy New Year 2015! May God bless you with happiness and peace of mind which is more precious than mere prosperity!
I hope you will continue to indulge me by reading my poems.
Portia Burton


I Am Restless....

I am Restless....
I am restless,
Sleep has forsaken me ,
And nightmares are knocking
On my weary eyes...
Though I am far away
From the place of bloodshed,
Where many young lives
Were extinguished
By the beastly fanatics,
The cries of those slain children,
And the futile wails of their mothers
Are ringing in my ears
Like the sound of nails
Being hammered in some coffin.
This ultra-sonic sound is so heavy
That I am unable to hear my own gasps,
Inspite of burying my head
In the plump pillow whose cover
Has beautiful  roses
Lovingly embroidered by my grandmother.
And then,
In that corner
I see three witches
Gleefully chanting:
'Fair is foul and foul is fair,
Hover through the fog and filthy air.'
© Portia Burton

Field Of Dreams


A State Of Being

A state of Being

I don't know  what  came over me,
While holding a friend close to console her,
I started feeling boundless love for her,
And then I had a strange feeling
That if any other girl would had come
Into our hostel room  at that moment,
She too would have been included
Fully in this nameless love.
I suddenly realized love in its essence
Is deeper than the mere  personal level .

Now the reasoning 'I love you because . . '
Made no sense at all.
I had even ceased to be concerned about myself.
Nor any  longer anxious about my friend,
No more critical of her embarrassment,
Not ruminating about the past and future,
Or making any other gesture of thought
Or attention that separated me from her.

It was enough for me that we were together,
And our love,needing no definition,
Was actually a state of being.
© Portia Burton